Physical Restraints: [A+] No Physical Restraints REA Reaction. Language: EN Escape rooms have been à la mode for quite some time and there is no secret why. Its games are newly renovated and they have a Escape Rooms for players of all ages and experience.. The suspect was expecting you, thus rigging the apartment with explosives. Directly from your computer, you will have access to our online platform created especially for the game. The largest escape room on the south shore! 4.7 out of 5 stars. Its games are newly renovated and they have a Escape Rooms for players of all ages and experience. An escape room is a perfect way to have lots of fun, give yourselves a real challenge, build up relationships between team members, or even celebrate someone in an original way. This is a top secret mission of the utmost importance.  /  Will you find the cup and escape the temple before your time runs out? Suite à l’annonce de la fermeture des commerces non essentiels durant la période des fêtes, Immersia fermera ses portes au public du 21 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021. New escape rooms in Laval The Salutem Medicina Institute offers all enthusiasts of human sciences the opportunity to participate in clinical trials for a drug liable to change the world. Our mechanical and electronic puzzle games combined with fascinating missions will be full of animation, action and adrenaline. The gameplay improve communication, teamwork and creativity.I would reccommend this type of activity for any other companies for their teambuilding event. Players: 3-6 Escape The Lost Pyramid is an escape game in Virtual Reality, taking place in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Escape Game Room in Montreal, Quebec. Woo has been known to enjoy a game or two and will surely test the minds of anyone making a run for his prized possession. HOW TO BREAKOUT? February 1928. Each riddle brings you one step closer to the ultimate escape! Players: 2-8 Rossignols). Scare Factor: Dr. Finding the right sailors might not be so easy as nobody has lived to tell about such an island or if it actually exists. Price is around $28 per adult and $22 Scare Factor: Escape The Lost Pyramid [VR] (Boul. When your family goes missing, a man presenting himself as Mister X notifies you that he has taken them captive, and is currently holding them hostage. Reviews "Awesome activity for teambuilding event. Your lives are a necessary sacrifice for the greater good and you will not die in vein, I promise you this. again. The error penalizes you with a deadly curse - a curse that'll leave you in a race against time. Will you be able to complete your mission as well as escape his apartment before the explosives go off? Your only way to ever see your loving family again is to break into the "1st Class Bank" and steal the Ruby Tiara of the Queen for him. I Recommend the Piccadilly. Escaparium Laval is Escaparium's first location. Welcome to the Animus. The Admiral has given you direct orders to gather a crew to go in search of the Lost Island of the Voodoo Queen. Featuring 2 Virtual Reality Arcades, as well as 4 unique escape games, this is the place in the West Island for fun activities. Giving you only a one hour window, will you be able to steal the tiara and get your family back? Using the simulation reconstructed from their DNA memory, your team will put themselves in the shoes of the To help you with your investigation, a mistress or a game master will be in the room in real time. Escaparium: jouez-le. Difficulty Honestly, Laval is looking better by the day. Real size escape games created by enthusiasts who have become masters in the art of the game and puzzles. After a long day at work in St. Louis, you board the subway, put on your safety belt and start falling asleep when all of a sudden the intercom comes on and a creepy voice speaks, "Greetings citizens of St. Louis. Rossignols). Scare Factor: Beyond Medusa’s Gate [VR] (Boul. timing to solve riddles and find their way out of this room-scale experience. Tonight, the boss is having a big fiesta and you know that his ledger will be hidden at the bar somewhere. 2 – 5 60 min. … The Golden Jubilee was a diamond in the rough. Escaparium Laval is Escaparium's first location. Located in Montreal, Laval and Dorval our puzzle games are in mechanical and electronic majorities combined with fascinating missions promising animation, action and adrenaline. Participants work together as a team to reach your goal and escape from a room. To successfully escape, players must use cooperative teamwork, problem-solving skills and precise Your boss, Salvatore Luciano, would give anything to get his hands on that ledger and you're in need of a raise. Complete your mission and escape within an hour! Modeled and hand-painted with love by industry leaders, this beautifully crafted world will be a marvel to behold. Community See All. The escape room we chose was well put together with interesting twists. Closed Now. They were never seen For your birthday party in Laval, you can count on us to help create unforgettable memories. Escape rooms in Laval These escape rooms are the hottest in town. Venez vivre une expérience unique de jeu d'évasion à Laval. 4.7. Top Laval Room Escape Games: See reviews and photos of room escape games in Laval, Quebec on Tripadvisor. Players start the adventure by choosing their All rights reserved. Escaparium est une entreprise canadienne de divertissement s... See More. About See All. X-Cape - Escape Room Action 500 is glad to introduce X-CAPE. Physical Rating: Players: 4-8 Difficulty LAVAL X-CAPE. Ticketing: Private. You will be able to play with your friends or family and then reunite in a room available for the occasion where you can bring everything that you need for the party (except for alcoholic beverages). Arrive 15 minutes before the time of your reservation. Live It. The location of Dr.Woo's most prized possession, "The Gold Jubilee", the world's largest diamond, has been made public as decreed in his will. Contact Laval; Contact Boisbriand; Mesures sanitaires; Français; English; PÉRIODE DES FÊTES. These games are not only fun they are also incredibly challenging, which always makes for a killer combination. The Cadavera Affair, the first Escape Game in Quebec live from your living room! We will however continue to offer our remote escape game experiences during this period. Echappe-Toi Escape Room is the perfect place to escape and have fun as a family during vacation periods. explorers. Miners from all around the world have gathered to Gahcho Kuay hoping to find the Gold Jubilee. Vivez-le. Imagine being locked up in an apartment with 5 of your friends. It allows you to experience a situation you will never encounter in real life. Physical Rating: Find out what happened to the expedition. Escape rooms are taking Canada by storm! The friendly staff at Immersia will ensure that you enjoy your time from the minute you walk in the doors. FR. General Beauregard, one of our nation's most decorated war heroes, has disappeared. Nous avons travaillé avec la compagnie Avmor pour mettre en place un nouveau … La santé et la sécurité des joueurs ainsi que de nos employés est la priorité absolue de S.Cape Montréal et S.Cape Laval. … Welcome to The Blind Tiger, Chicago's most reputable speakeasy bar. No need to arrive too early: it’ll just raise your stress levels. Vortex 2 Escape Games, Virtual Reality Centers, Team Building Activities. Located inside the CF Fairview Shopping Center, it is a great roaster of entertainment. On the web: Facebook. Difficulty Read the reviews and choose the best quest to play. Follow the link below for more details. Difficulty Immersia Escape Game - Escape Games is located in Laval. X-CAPE is the new generation of immersive games. At the time it opened it was our favorite in the Montreal location but the games haven't changed since then and have been surpassed by a couple of places.